Plan Your Year

2019 is the first year in a long while that I could describe as “open ended” on January 1st.

We have no intention to move, no travels planned, and have gotten through a lot of the initial time intensive tasks of relocating.

I went through the Plan Your Year workbook put out by the people behind The Focus Course. Conventiently, I completed a lot of the pages while I was back in Pennsylvania meeting with Joel to discuss the what we want Grid & Arrow to accomplish this year.

The apex of the workbook is writing out your “2019 in One Sentence”; because I think it’s easier to hold yourself to these kinds of things if you make them public, here’s mine:

This year I am focusing on transforming how my businesses generate revenue while creating a home and routine in Fort Wayne that my family can thrive in.

The added clarity of meeting with my business partner in-person and going through the workbook gave me has me really excited about this year even though a lot of the things that I have traditionaly looked forward to (big travel, transition, etc) aren’t on the calendar yet.

I’m excited to write more about what I plan to create and be a part of as the year goes on.