Geography Can Shape Opporunity

Having spent the last half-decade of my life in New York City, rural Pennslyvania (Danville), and now a small Midwestern city (Fort Wayne); I’ve been fortunate to experince nearly the full gamut of American life (at least at this latitude).

Today, I finally read the transcript of Joe Biden’s speech almost a year ago at Northwestern University. I think he understands the regional divide in America better than anyone with his platform.

So many people take a negative view towards the half of the populace that doesn’t live near them, not taking the time to understand how their life experiences led them to where they are. I deeply appreciate Biden’s optimism and share it in addition to the fact that he’s contributing specifc, actionable ideas as solutions.

I’m proud to be working in tech in middle America instead of in the VC hubs. I like knowing I’m contributing to the solution instead of furthering the problem.