AWS Suspends Parler

I read AWS’ letter to Parler that BuzzFeed published this weekend, AWS’ requests seem extremely reasonable. I’ve dealt with the Trust & Safety team on a few occasions, and at least in my experience, they enforce their rules pretty strictly.

Rather than this being a case of Big Tech’s bias against conservatives, available info makes it seem far more likely Parler got away with a lot that a regular company wouldn’t because someone on the Amazon retail side didn’t want the headlines. The events of last week tipped the scales.

Parler was running a large social network on a relational database at least as recently as this summer, it’s clearly amateur hour over there. Initial reports of a hack right before the service went offline last night seem to indicate not much has improved.

Obviously, I’m speculating here, but so is most everyone else.

If Republicans were serious about fixing the larger issue they are decrying today, they’d start by reversing their previous stance and put a Net Neutrality bill on Biden‘s desk in his first 100 days