This is my Jekyll blog. I use it for posts too long to post on my WordPress micro blog from my phone. While it forces me to keep Ruby operational on my machine, writing in Markdown is great!

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College Writing

Teed: Portraits of [South] Sudan

A photography book I designed and wrote in Spring of 2011 in conjunction with a photography show I did at Art Center featuring photographs from my time in Sudan in 2008 and 2010.


From Pedro The Lion to Underoath: The Birth of the A-geographic Subculture

A piece I wrote in Fall of 2010 for a pop culture class I took at Art Center. I chronicle the technological advancements and theological ideas that provided the kindling for the explosion of openly Christian artists in the indie, emo, hardcore and punk music scenes during the late 90s and into the 2000s.


Let Your Kingdom Come: How Praying The Lord's Prayer Landed Me In An African Village

A piece I wrote in Spring of 2009 for an autobiography and memoir class I took at Art Center. It describes the ideas I grappled with during the intellectual and spiritual journey I went through in the years leading up to my first trip to Africa. Quotes from music, books, and films are intermixed with stories from my time in Africa in 2008.