My Life Vision

I’ve been participating in the beta of the virtual Focus Course Academy. The on-demand course had been sitting 10% done on my dashboard for months and the accountability of this cohort has been exactly what I needed to finish the course. I found going through their Plan Your Year workbook in 2019 immensively helpful in contibuting to my success that year.

I’m going to try and post a quick blog at the end of each week of that week’s final homework item for posterity’s sake.

For week 1, we put together our life’s vision after going through a bunch of excercises. Here’s mine:

In my roles as a husband, father, business owner, teacher, and citizen, I want to express, impart and exemplify the values of being adventurous and full of integrity. I will do this by decisively planning experiences that make memories with my family, endlessly learning so I can share new places to see and problems to solve with my children and students, always advocating for the long-term interests of my family, customers, and neighbors, and ruthlessly guarding my time and attention so that I do the things I say I will.