My Lifestyle Practices

After a great week 1, for week 2 of the Focus Course Academy we went through a series of excercises that led to the creation of a list of lifestyle practices we will adopt over the next 12 months. These will our first steps towards long-term goals that we also tangibly defined. Here are mine:

  1. Strength train with push ups (3x a week)
  2. Be showered before 7am (daily)
  3. Write down tomorrow’s most important task (5x a week)
  4. Keep screen time average below 2 hours (weekly)
  5. Keep headphone audio exposure below 20% (weekly)
  6. Read a devotion (daily)

This week was challenging but rewarding – putting down on paper how I want numerous key areas of my life to look 1/5/20 years from now was a really worthwhile excercise that forced me to answer some hard questions.